Hello and welcome to Epiphany Petz! This is a Petz 4 website.

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update archive

14 Nov 2022

Christmas theme up (:

15 Mar 2022

Epiphany has moved! I got my own domain a week or two ago and have finally finished setting it up and moving Epiphany over. I also updated the layout so it doesn't use frames anymore, keeps things a bit cleaner. I even learned a little jquery to do so *shudder*.

punkfairie.net now has my own personal site on it as well! It's been a looonggg time since I've had a personal site, I'm super excited to have a little space again, for whatever I feel like posting :)

13 Mar 2022

Sent out some adoptions and added Epiphany's very first sibling site!

09 Mar 2022

Not much updates here, I've been focusing on my petz archive project, I've got two sites done so far! Archive is here if you'd like to check it out :)

21 Feb 2022

More dogz litterz added, and single dogz adoptions also added.


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