Hello and welcome to Epiphany Petz! This is a Petz 4 website.

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10 Dec 2023

Long time no see! Epiphany is back online, with a slightly modified version of last year's Christmas theme. Also, I've started using 11ty + Alpine.js to build the site!

14 Nov 2022

Christmas theme up (:

15 Mar 2022

Epiphany has moved! I got my own domain a week or two ago and have finally finished setting it up and moving Epiphany over. I also updated the layout, so it doesn't use frames anymore, keeps things a bit cleaner. I even learned a little jquery to do so *shudder*.

punkfairie.net now has my own personal site on it as well! It's been a looonggg time since I've had a personal site, I'm super excited to have a little space again, for whatever I feel like posting :)